🐾 initmd

hello! i'm lillie.
it/they/she - (almost) never done computer crime

therian nonbinary transgender poly arch btw
Hi! I'm init/lillie.

I'm a actual living creature aka cat IRL ΞΈΞ” who lives off programming, pentesting, hacktivism, coffee and music! :3

I'm mostly known for my works on different hacktivism stuff like Anonops and other funny documents I leaked,
but I'm also the server maid of miruku.cafe, based.social and other online services publicly available for everyone to use.

πŸ’— I absolutely love underground music, DJing, getting in your computer (I do that every day), FOSS, meowing and brewing coffee.

here's various ways you can find me online !
Thoughts are my own.


fediverse@[email protected]
irc@lillie on libera.chat
xmpp@[email protected]

πŸ’Ό email[email protected]

Please default to fedi for conversations.
emails are for business and press only! 🐾

donate ! 😺
if you want to support my work and what i do, you can donate using these links !

i'm currently not getting any money from my work, so any help is greatly appreciated ><

πŸ’• ko-fiko-fi.com/initmd


online projects and services
other links !
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